Farm Internships


We are listed as hosts with WWOOF-USA (, Work Away (, and NCAT ATTRA (  Through these programs we offer individuals, who are not farmers, the opportunity to live on a  farm, learn about organic agriculture, and do farm work during the growing season.  Interns also have plenty of time to socialize, explore the area, and immerse themselves in eastern Oregon culture.


Farmhand Position Open


We also have an open position for a farmhand, to begin as early as Monday, November 20, 2017.  Position will remain open until it is filled.  Employment relationship will be “at will.”


Job Description

*  Caring for cats, dog, chickens, ducks, goats and sheep;

*  Irrigating with wheel line and micro irrigation system;

*  Organizing tools, and supplies;

*  Winterizing hand tools and farm equipment;

*  Performing scheduled maintenance on equipment;

*  Repairing and building fences;

*  Painting;

*  Weeding with tractor, string weeder and by hand; 

*  Basic carpentry;

*  Identifying plants and knowing their life cycles;

*  Operating chain saw, tractor and other farm equipment;

*  Harvesting hay, vegetables, fruits and herbs;

*  Planting;

*  Carrying heavy sacks of materials, rocks, containers of fluids and other heavy objects;

*  Performing manual labor;

*  Keeping records; and

*  Performing general farm tasks.



*  Valid Oregon Driver's License with clean record;

*  Experience with livestock;

*  Understanding and appreciation of organic, sustainable, and regenerative agricultural practices;

*  Physical ability perform manual labor;

*  Physical ability to lift 80 lb. objects safely;

*  Experience operating tractors and other farm equipment;

*  Experience operating chain saw;

*  Experience driving pick-up trucks with manual transmission;

*  Mechanical experience;

*  Willingness to stay on the farm November through February;

*  Fluent written and spoken English;

*  Patience and open mind;

*  Demonstration of responsibility;

*  Appreciation of the scientific method and peer-reviewed science to evaluate beliefs about such things     as climate change, safety of GMOs, and age of Earth; and

*  Willingness to live in the cottage on the farm.


Payment and Benefits


Employee will be paid $12.00 per hour.  Payroll procedures comply with State and Federal regulations (e.g. payroll withholding, no unlawful discrimination, and workers compensation insurance).


Employee will live in small, unfurnished cottage with fair market rental value of $300.00 per month.  Employee will not pay rent for the cottage.  Because living on the farm is a requirement of the job for the employer's benefit, the employee will not need to pay income tax for living in the cottage without paying rent.  Employee will be responsible for utilities.


During the growing season when farm household may grow with interns, a substantial mid-day meal is  provided to all workers.  Employee may cook with produce raised on the farm, eggs, and meat raised on the farm, subject to availability.