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Variety: Heirloom

Type: Cherry


These are a tasty snacking tomato that turns slightly yellow when ripe.Another way to check ripeness of green varieties is to give the tomato a gentle squeeze. If it gives, then it's ready! If it feels more like a cucumber, then it needs more time.


Approximately 50 seeds per packet.


Also available as a mini pack.


Tomato - Green Grape

SKU: GG1007
  • All seeds are hand-harvested from plants grown on our farm in Union, Oregon:

    • Located within the Blue Mountain Ecoregion
    • Zone 6b
    • Elevation: 2,786 ft
    • Average rainfall: 13 in
    • Classified as a high elevation desert


    Growth requirements:

    • Full sun (8-10 hrs per day)
    • Well drained soils
    • In warmer climates, these can be directly sown in the ground in the spring.
    • However for best results, start indoors 4-5 months before anticipated harvest. Transplant outside after danger of frost has passed.
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