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Variety: Heirloom

Type: Beefsteak


These large tomatoes ripen to a deep golden yellow to orange. As with other large varieties, too much water can cause them to split, and they are prone to blossomrot. Pineapple tomatoes are one of the earliest varieties to ripen in our garden, and they continue to produce throughout the season.


Approximately 50 seeds per packet.


Also available as a mini pack.


Tomato - Pineapple

SKU: PI1010
  • All seeds are hand-harvested from plants grown on our farm in Union, Oregon:

    • Located within the Blue Mountain Ecoregion
    • Zone 6b
    • Elevation: 2,786 ft
    • Average rainfall: 13 in
    • Classified as a high elevation desert


    Growth requirements:

    • Full sun (8-10 hrs per day)
    • Well drained soils
    • In warmer climates, these can be directly sown in the ground in the spring.
    • However for best results, start indoors 4-5 months before anticipated harvest. Transplant outside after danger of frost has passed.
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