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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dora's Garden?

Dora's Garden is a self-service farmstand and online seed store. We operate a seed garden and pasture, both of which are right there next to the stand! The farmstand is located on the Cove-Union highway (Hwy 237) as you leave Union toward Cove.


In the farmstand, you might find eggs, seasonal produce, and handcrafted items. The website now shows what's currently available if you scroll down to the bottom of the main page. You can also order a farmstand pickup here using the webstore.


Dora's Garden seeds are farmed according to guidelines from the Organic Seed Alliance and Seed Savers Exchange, as well as many books and references published on the topic.


We use organic methods in the garden, which means we compost fertilizer on site (using a method from the Rodale Institute), and any additional inputs to the garden or pasture are OMRI listed products. We also employ small livestock like geese and goats to regenerate the soil according to principles learned from the Savory Institute and Holistic Management International.


What can I expect once I place an order for "farmstand pickup"?

After you place your order and have selected "farmstand pickup", you'll receive an automatic order confirmation from the website. I'll send an additional email once the order is ready. I will either ask what day you'll be able to visit, OR if the order is placed early in the day, I'll go ahead and put the order in the stand, let you know it's there, and ask that you simply email me back if you need to schedule a different day.


Typically your order will be ready for pickup either same day or by the following day. However, please allow up to 48 hours during busy times.


How can I place an order for a farmstand pickup?

(1) When ready, go to your cart. Look at the very top of the website and all the way on the right side. There is a small icon that looks like a bag. Click the bag to go to your cart.

(2) When you get to your cart, find where it says "USPS Priority Mail" (It will be on the right side of the screen, under Order Summary). This is a dropdown menu. 

(3) Click where it says "USPS Priority Mail", and it will reveal two options in the menu: "USPS Priority Mail" or "Farmstand pickup". 

(4) Select "Farmstand pickup". The shipping fee will then be removed from the total.

(5) You can then click "Checkout" to complete your order.


What do I do if I think there's been a mistake with my order?

Please email me! is the best way to get in contact, and I want to hear from you.

What is regional adaptation?
Even within one species or one variety of crop, there is still genetic variation (subtle differences from plant to plant).
By selecting the best plants for seed saving, each generation should have genetics better suited to the local climate.
How are Dora's Garden seeds regionally adapted?
Each seed line is grown in our garden for at least two generations before being made available.
Many have been cultivated here for more than two generations!
What region is Dora's Garden in?
We are located in the Blue Mountain ecoregion in northeastern Oregon.
We are in Zone 6b, with short, hot growing seasons and cold winters.
Image shows outline of the state of Oregon, with an arrow pointing at the northeastern corner and text says "Here!"
Can I still grow Dora's Garden seeds in a different region?
Yes, as long as your growing conditions are suitable for the fruit or vegetable, it is likely that plants from our seed will do well!
Regional adaptation simple means they will do best in our region.

Get in Touch


Snail mail: PO Box 907 Union OR 97883

Farmstand is located at 1393 N Cove St Union OR 97883

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